A pane is a FOLIO core component that acts as a container for the information to be displayed without cluttering the screen.   

Screen with 4 panes

Responsive layout


Panes are composed of a pane header and content that shall be arranged into a 12 columns grid layout, allowing it to be responsive when the pane resize.


When the screen width is wider than 1025px, panes shall appear next to each other.

When the screen width is lower than 1025px, the most recent pane shall overlay on top of the other.

When the screen width is lower than 641px, only the most recent pane shall be displayed.

View prototype


Pane headers

Pane headers allow users to know what set of information is displayed in the pane.

They also allow users to perform actions or hide the pane.

Close pane

By clicking on the close icon, panes close, leaving more space for the remaining panes.

Panes transition

New panes slide flex-end while the other panes resize.

The Record pane resized when the Notes pane slide from the right.

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