Can I run FOLIO at my library?

This page is focused on the user experience and user interface design aspects of FOLIO. Please visit the project’s main page, folio.org, for any questions relating to installing, running, hosting or otherwise using FOLIO in your library. You are also more than welcome to reach out to the FOLIO community on the FOLIO discussion boards.


Why does FOLIO have its own design system?

To ensure a consistent and accessible experience across all of the apps in FOLIO.


What is the point of having so many apps in FOLIO?

Short answer: To keep the UI simple and the eco-system flexible. Long answer: In order to keep the app interfaces free from excessive amounts of navigation elements (menus, dropdowns, tabs, buttons, etc.) within each app, app developers are encouraged to stick to the UX guidelines found on this site. The guidelines encourage that app interfaces be as focused and specialized as possible for the reason mentioned above. The purpose of small, dedicated apps is also to allow libraries using FOLIO to potentially swap out one app for another, without changing their entire existing workflow.


Is FOLIO available in my language?

FOLIO has intentionally been built to be usable in various languages, including languages that make use of non-latin scripts and a right-to-left reading direction. The amount of languages supported increase continuously. If you have questions about this, or you wish to contribute with translation, we encourage you to get in touch with the community on the FOLIO discussion boards or on Slack (create a FOLIO Slack account using this link)