The pane menu allows users to perform actions related to the pane content


The pane menu is a dropdown with a list of actions in the following format: {Action icon}{Action name}

Result pane

The result pane menu should be divided into 2 sections by default.

In the first section called “Actions”, users can perform actions on all items of the multi-column list.

In the second section called “Display preferences”, users can hide/show columns from the list and change sorting behavior.

Record pane

The record pane menu allows users to perform actions related to the pane content. Some default actions are duplicate, bookmark, fullscreen and delete.

Edit, duplicate & new record pane

The pane menu for those panes should display ” Cancel” by default.

Other actions could be added depending on the context. 


By tapping on the pane header down arrow, the menu should appear. 

Only actions related to the pane content shall be added in the menu. For any actions related to controlling the pane, see the icon button section.

Good example

Bad example

"Close" is not an action related to pane content

Result pane

When no list items are selected, the pane menu allows users to customize the multi-column list and perform actions on the full list. 

When list items are selected, a new section, called “Actions for selections”, should appear and allow users to perform actions on the selection only.

Record pane

Users can perform actions on the record pane content via the options found in the menu.

If an action is not available, it should have a 70% opacity with subtitle in the following format: {Action name} unavailable”.

When FOLIO cannot identify if an action will be available beforehand, a modal shall appear on click, letting users know the action is unavailable. 

Modal after clicking on "Delete".

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