Add quick content UX pattern

The “Add content” modal is used to add content to a specific section.

"Add new" modal to add a comment


Add button

A “New + {content type}” button, in the default style, shall be placed on the right side of an item to add new content.

The “add content” modal

It is composed of a header with a left close icon and a title in the following format: {Content title} {content type}. A “Cancel” button in the default style and a “Save & close” button in the disabled style are placed on the right side of the modal.


When users click on “New + {content type}” button, the “Add content” modal appears.

When they start typing, the “Save & close” button changes from the disabled to the primary style.

"Add new" modal when users start typing

When users save & close, they are redirected to the parent page where the newly added content is visible.