Error message language

Text field

When a field is missing, the error message should state: “Please fill this in to continue”.

Good example

Select error

Bad example

Select error

When the input format is wrong, the error message should follow this format: {Field label} must contain {missing input}.

For any other error, the error message should be short and give clear instructions on how to fix it. The message should always start with the field label.


When a card has an error, it should be displayed in the error style and have the following error message: “{Error icon} Error: {Error type + (detail to fix it)}”

Examples of error messages for uploading files:

  • When a file is too big: “Error: file is too big (max 50mb)”
  • When a file has the wrong format: “Error: file format incorrect (CSV only)
  • When there is a connection issue: “Error: connection issue (check your internet)”