Confirmation message language

Leaving a page

If users try to leave a create/edit page without saving changes, the following modal should appear

Title:” Close the page”

Content: “There are unsaved changes. If you would like to save changes, press the “Keep editing” button.”

Button: “Close without saving” and “Keep editing”

Other confirmation modals

For any other confirmation modal, please follow these language rules.

Title: The title states what action users are about to do. It should be short, descriptive and always start with a verb.

Examples: “Close the page”, “Change book location”.

Content: The content is short and states what will happen if users proceed with the action.

Button: A minimum of two buttons (one primary and one default) should be placed. The primary button should be located on the right-hand side while the close default button should be on the left-hand side of the modal.

Labels summarize what will happen on click. So instead of labelling buttons “Confirm” and “Cancel” use the following format “Confirm {type}” and “Cancel {type}”.

In the case of a cancelling confirmation modal, buttons should be labelled as follow: “Cancel {type}” and “Keep {type]”.