3. Concept development

When the initial research phase (more research can be performed ad hoc as needed when questions arise) for a particular area is drawing to a close, the UX designers work with end users to map out the functionality needed in a particular app or function. The research provides the basis for this discussion and helps get all UX designers and end users aligned on assumptions and premises for the work to be done.

Workflow discussions at in-person workshop. Special Interest Group participants working towards a collective vision of the necessary functionality of the area in question and the importance of different potential features.

Mapping out the functionality can happen through online meetings, or, as seen above, in in-person workshops. In-person workshops allow for more nuance and create a good team spirit that is sustained in the following online communication. Having an in-person meetup is also a great way to establish a tone of voice and a sense of knowing the other participants in a project or group, which can be challenging if only online meetings occur.

UX designers mapping out functionality to get an overview of the necessary functionality; exploring how it can optimally be structured.

After the workshop or online discussions, UX designers work through the information supplied at the workshop, to form a mental image of what needs to be done and the direction that will take the software there. Various techniques are used, and they vary from UX designer to UX designer.

Summary with provisional conclusions on workflow structures and feature ideas from an in-person workshop and online follow-up meetings.

When the findings, advice and ideas from the discussions or workshop have been analyzed, they are summarized and reviewed with the team that attended the workshop. Then adapted if necessary, to make sure they present the consensus reached at the workshop and to make sure everyone feel that the summary is representative of the discussion and conclusions that have taken place.

Online meeting; refining functional mapping from in-person meeting.

Following workshop, analysis and summary development, the UX designers work directly with the users through online meetings and written communication to specify what has been discussed. The result is an overview of necessary functionality in different forms, that can then be used in the next phase of the UX process: Turning the concepts into actual interface designs.