The apps running on the FOLIO platform allow for flexible and recurring adaptation of the functionality of the system. In order to best facilitate this adaptation, the vision for FOLIO is to provide users a place to discover — and system administrators a place to acquirenew apps for the system.

The FOLIO store would be accessible for end users inside FOLIO, as a “Store” app, which would allow users to browse apps, plugins and workflows in various ways.

A “Featured” section in the store would highlight interesting apps, plugins and workflows for people to explore.

Plugins and workflows will not work without apps that can run them, so when users are attempting to request installation of a plugin or workflow that does not have any apps to plug in to, the store would alert users to this, and let them request installation of such apps in the same flow.

View a prototype of the Store app

What shows up in the store app for a given institution may partially determined by how their system is being hosted.