Discover new apps

The UX vision for FOLIO is to let end users explore apps, plugins and workflow templates in a central store (or for SaaS hosting clients, potentially a subset of apps from such a central store, that can be guaranteed to work great with the SaaS setup) that they can then install directly, or ask their system administrator to install. This store would allow any developer to submit an app that complies with the standards for running on FOLIO, and would potentially be managed by an independent, not-for-profit governing body that could highlight interesting, new apps, root out malicious software, and more. The store would also allow end users to review and rate the apps and plugins for the benefit of other users who might be interested in using them. For privacy and security reasons, it is likely that e.g. full apps would not be installable by end users without special access in the system. Some end users would for that reason engage with their system administrator through a built-in flow that would let them request the system administrator to install a given app.