Welcome to MOTIF:
The FOLIO design system

MOTIF is the design system used to design apps for the FOLIO platform and eco-system. In practice, the MOTIF design system outlines the user experience recommendations and guidelines for implementing the Stripes front end framework. Stripes is a front end framework developed specifically to provide consistency, maintainability and accessibility throughout the FOLIO platform and all of its apps.


How to use the MOTIF site

This site is designed to support UX/UI designers, product owners and software developers actively engaged with developing apps for FOLIO — If you are looking for a general introduction to the FOLIO platform, please visit folio.org.

With the amount of components, patterns and guidelines available, this site has been optimized for searching and filtering to find the content you need. The site also contains some design inspiration from existing UX prototypes.

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If you have any questions, please check out the “frequently asked questions” page.