The duplicate option allows users to create a copy of a record.

Pane header menu dropdown



The duplicate option shall be found in the pane header menu next to its corresponding icon.  

Duplicate pane

It shall be similar to the edit record pane. All text fields shall be prefilled with the information of the selected record.



When users click on the pane header title, a menu shall appear with the option to duplicate the record.

When selecting this option, the duplicate pane shall appear with prefilled fields based on the selected record.

As soon as users start editing, the “Save & close” button changes from the disabled to the primary style.

Cancelling & leaving page

If users would like to cancel duplicating the record, they can click on the cancel option found in the pane header menu. 

If changes have been made, the unsaved changes modal shall appear no matter how users try to leave the page (by clicking on the close icon, the cancel option or a FOLIO navigational element). 

Saving record

When users save changes, they are redirected to the previous page where the record pane of the newly created record is open. 

A toast should appear to confirm the action.

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