The “Add new” modal, like the create dialog box, is used to add content.

"Add new" modal to add a comment


Add button

A “New” button, in the default style, shall be placed on the right side of an item to enable users to add new content. 

The “add new” modal

It is composed of a header with a left close icon and a title in the following format: {Content title} {content type}. A “Cancel” button in the default style and a “Save & close” button in the disabled style are placed on the right side of the modal.


  When users click on “New” button, the “Add new” modal appears. When they start typing, the “Save & close” button changes from the disabled to the primary style.

"Add new" modal when users start typing

When users save and close, they are redirected to the parent page where the newly added content is visible.

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