The popover view displays an app in a popover.

Screen with Notification app popover


The universal header has a popover apps section where the top 4 apps are showcased. The entire list of apps can be found by clicking on the down arrow.

Popover apps section

By clicking on a popover app, a popover shall appear right under the popover section of the universal header.


Popover apps are typically composed of a header with the app name. If needed, a sidebar can be displayed.

To add actions to a popover app, buttons/icons can be placed in the top right corner of that window.

Workflows app popover
Notifications app popover with navigational sidebar


Popover app

By clicking on a popover app, the related popover is displayed.

To close a popover, users can either click outside the popover or click on the corresponding app.

From popover to full view

By clicking on the app name in the popover header, the app goes full view. 


If users need to sort content or jump from content to content, a popover with a navigational sidebar is best suited.

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